Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Getting to partake in Leslie's birthday cake

One of the things that brings great joy to an otherwise mundane workday:  Cake.

It's my co-worker Leslie's birthday today.  A handful of the people who work in my building gathered to wish her happy birthday and have a piece of cake.  And, it was at 10:30 a.m.  Some people think it is wrong to have cake before noon, but in my humble opinion there is never a bad time for cake.

Happy Birthday Leslie!  Thanks for sharing your cake.

Leslie's birthday cake.
There are not nearly enough candles on this cake.

Jacque and Rosanna light the candles.

I have no idea why Alan is doing this.
It may be an ancient pre-cake eating ritual I am not aware of.

Leslie's "I'm surprised, sort of" face

Clapping, singing, and Leslie's viewing of the cake.

The blowing.

Some of my co-workers who have gathered to partake in the cake.

Waiting for the cake to be cut.

Please serve the cake faster.
No work is getting done.

Everyone starts eating the cake.
The cubicle the ladies on the right are sitting in used to be my desk
when I worked on 106.3.
Nobody uses it now... except to stand around / sit in and wait for cake.

Laura avoids the Kenparazzi with her hand and a plastic fork.
Jackie shoves cake in her pie hole.... ehhh, cake hole.

The Kenparazzi catches cake shoveling into mouths.
It's one of the special things I do.

Here's Leslie enjoying her cake.
Happy Birthday!