Saturday, August 17, 2013

Eye am getting older

Getting older sucks.

I had one of those 'next phase' of getting older moments today when I got an eye exam.

I called on Friday and got an appointment for today at Accent On Vision on Oracle Road near Orange Grove.  I've gone there for eye exams, contacts lenses, and glasses since I moved to Tucson.  They take good care of me and the staff there is totally awesome.  A shout out to Paloma for helping me out today, as well as the optometrist Dr. Peterson.

Here's the getting older sucks part:  Have you ever felt sad for those old people who need 'reading glasses' to see things up close?  I'm now one of those old people.  They are going to be a supplement to the contact lenses I've worn for years.  I did get a new contacts prescription (right eye was the same, left eye strength needed to be increased) and invested the money in what the Accent On Vision staff described as "the Cadillac of contacts":  Ciba Vision Dalies Total 1.  I've previously had longer wear contacts, I have to put new ones in every day of this type.  I'm wearing them now, and I have to say they are the most comfortable contacts I have ever worn.  But, they don't solve my 'having trouble reading things up close' problem.

I also purchased two pairs of eyeglasses.  One pair can be worn without contacts and they're tri-focals.  The good news is they don't have the weird look where you know when you see someone wearing them that they have that feature.  The second pair is to be used when I have contacts on, basically as reading glasses...where the top portion has no magnification but the bottom does.

I went hog wild today, spending $700 in addition to what my vision insurance covered for the contact lenses and two pairs of glasses.  I am hopeful it will make my increasing struggles to see the computer screen among other things at work much better.  One thing I've realized already:  I need to buy a new laptop computer.  The resolution of the screen isn't as good as I thought it was!

Anthony came along to take photos for me and we went to lunch afterward at Mimi's Café next to Tucson Mall.  I tried to convince him that he needs an eye exam since he's only had one in his life, but he's in a state of denial and believes he doesn't need it.  Maybe that's just as well, if he doesn't see perfectly then I will always look fabulous to him.

Trying on frames before my appointment started at Accent On Vision.
An oopsie -- I didn't realize I was looking in the women's section.
No wonder they looked pretty on me.

That's Paloma on the right, she asked me to read the
lowest line I could see on the eye chart.
My response was "Made In China"

This is the eye chart, and as you can see at the bottom...

The lowest line says "Made In China".
Pretty good eyesight don't you think?

This machine doesn't make any noise!
Then I remembered I was getting an eye exam, not ear.

This machine had a picture of a farmhouse way down a road.
I live in the city so I don't know if that was helpful.

This machine blew a puff of air into my eyes.
It was like being in the shortest windstorm ever.

This machine would not make an attractive hat.

They asked me to take my contacts out and pointed to this rack.

Turns out those were contact lens cases.
Not candy.

It's impossible to look good when you take a contact lens out of your eye.

Rows and rows of sunglasses...
and one pair that attempted to make a break for it.

I'm sitting in Captain Kirk's chair from the Enterprise
Eye exam, ahead warp factor one.

They have a fancy new gadget that takes a picture of
the back of your eye from the inside.
This is the photo of mine.
Pretty freakin' cool.

Here's one of the pairs of glasses I decided to get.
Bonus: Now you know what I'll look like wearing them with my eyes closed.

Here's the second pair of glasses I decided to buy.
I thought they complimented my hair quite nicely.

Anthony has a thousand dollars worth of fancy bags at home...
but chooses to carry his driver's license and debit card in a tissue box.

Today's sneaky photo of Anthony: At Mimi's Café near Tucson Mall.
We had a delightful lunch.
Bonus: Photobomb of older gentleman in hideous Hawaiian print shirt

Bread and butter on our table.

Anthony ordered this salad with strawberries in it.

I ordered a turkey, brie cheese, and cranberry croissant with onion rings.
It was KENtastic.