Friday, August 23, 2013

Behind the scenes at the Humane Society

I went to a video shoot for the TV show at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona a few days ago.

I love the Humane Society.  That's where we adopted Lucky.  The people who work there are wonderful and they are also weekly guests on the show.

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know that I love taking pictures.  I create an excuse to bring a camera along most everywhere.  It's the best way to continue to learn and get better at photography.  Some people have a natural talent for such things, the rest of us have to endlessly practice and experiment just to avoid totally sucking.

Here's a behind the scenes look at the video shoot and the good work they do at the Humane Society.

Scott shooting b-roll of animals recovering from surgery

A Humane Society vet tech checking on an animal

Wearing the cone of shame and recovering from surgery

Shooting video of a dog getting surgery

A dog getting shaved before surgery

The dog on the table is about to lose his "low hanging fruit"

These folks work in some cramped quarters at the Humane Society clinic

Shooting video in a hallway

I think this little guy would like to lose the headgear

Amanda reviews a script while Scott shoots video

This vet tech is sterilizing medical instruments

An art piece on the grounds at the Humane Society

Walking over to the adoption center

Changing a lighting gel in the lobby of the adoption center

Amanda interviews a Humane Society employee

Shhhhh. Kitties asleep.

A couple of doggie buddies sharing quarters while waiting for adoption

A cutie waiting for adoption

Waiting for a forever home


A couple of dogs hanging out on a warm Tucson afternoon

Sticking his head through the plastic curtain to see who is out there

All ears

Keeping a lookout

Kennel mates

Who's out there?

This dog has a beautiful coat

Big feet, warm heart

Please take me home

Shooting video outside in a meeting yard with Amanda and a dog

The Humane Society Thrift store at Speedway and Beverly

Getting ready for the next video shoot at the thrift store

The employees at the thrift store had a name for this mannequin.
I can't remember what it was though.

A hat and boots that would make any man look good

Sally interviews one of the thrift store staff

Outside of the Humane Society thrift store

The Humane Society Pawsh store at Park Place Mall

Checking out the folks walking up to the Pawsh store

This is Barney

They were waiting to get their water bowl refilled

All smiles!

This bunny is waiting to be adopted at Pawsh

Sally interviews one of the Pawsh store staff

Sally loves kittens, and these two wanted a playmate

These two kittens found the shutter noise of my camera fascinating.
They stared at me when I started taking pictures, which made this shot surprisingly easy to get.