Thursday, August 15, 2013

Meeting Peter and Lynda Ford

I met Peter and Lynda Ford today.

Peter is the son of acting legend Glenn Ford.  Peter has been an actor in some movies as well, and his wife Lynda also has appeared in movies.  She told me a funny story in our green room about how many times she has played characters in movies that die (the example she gave was the Poseidon Adventure).

Peter and Lynda were in town to host a screening of the original "3:10 To Yuma" (the 1957 version), a western that starred Glenn Ford in which he played the lead character.  Personally, I remember Glenn most for playing Jonathan Kent in the original Superman movie (that was released in 1978 and starred Christopher Reeve as Superman).

They were great guests on the Morning Blend, and were kind enough to pose for a photo.

Lynda Ford, Ken Carr, and Peter Ford
I'm the filling in a Ford sandwich.