Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kenparazzi: Tucson Police arrest at Pima and Alamo

I was walking Lucky today so he could take his usual afternoon poop, and I heard sirens near Ridgepointe Apartments where I live.

Fortunately, as the sirens started blaring he was done with his business so I could take him back inside and grab a camera.

It turned out that Tucson Police arrested four guys up the street at Pima Street and Alamo Avenue.  I grabbed my Canon SX50 that has a 1200mm zoom lens.  I shot these photos from a block away.  The SX50 has arguably one of the most ridiculously awesome zoom lenses ever.

I don't know what these guys were busted for.  But, it was fun getting the photos!

Tucson Police arrest four suspects at Pima Street and Alamo Avenue

Three officers were involved stopping the vehicle which contained the suspects

Four people were in the Hyundai that was stopped

A close up shot of three of the suspects.
The guy on the right doesn't seem appreciative of the Kenparazzi!