Saturday, August 10, 2013

An August afternoon visit to 4th Avenue

I met up with my friend Jason at Magpie's Pizza on 4th Avenue north of downtown Tucson for lunch today.  While I was waiting for his arrival (I got there a bit early), I walked around shot a few photos.  I also visited my buddy AJ's flower shop "Messages Remembered".  You can get messages printed onto flowers, or just get plain ones.  But, getting a message put onto a rose (or roses) makes her shop the most unique and cool place to buy flowers in Tucson (if you ask me).  Check out the photo below to see what I am talking about.

I haven't been down in that area since they reopened it after the streetcar construction.  It's looking pretty good.

Streetcar stop on 4th Avenue.
I can't wait until the street cars are running and I can ride in one.

A view looking south on 4th Avenue with the streetcar wires overhead.

This odd little statue obviously celebrates the wonder of a blue ball.

Solar powered parking covers next to Sky Bar and Brooklyn Pizza.

This new student housing complex just west of 4th Avenue is huge.

They painted IBT's since I saw it last.

A bouquet waiting for pickup at Messages Remembered with a printed rose.
It's pretty darned cool how they do this.

A poodle flower arrangement at Messages Remembered.