Friday, March 27, 2015

Eating photos are back

This is one of those weeks where not much has gone on besides my pretty normal routine.

One thing that did happen today that was exciting... was the opportunity to shoot photos on the show of the hosts sampling some salads made by a guest.

I've discussed shooting eating photos on this blog before. I think eating photos are amusing. Everyone eats so it's a common thing. But, when you shoot primarily still photos like I do, capturing a moment where it's 'open wide' is something I challenge myself to do because I find it fun. It's an extra bonus when it's part of the action on the TV show.

I was shooting with my Sony RX100 today which makes virtually no noise (as opposed to my Nikon DSLR). It made it a little easier to be sneaky enough to try for the eating photo without being detected by the eaters.

I had not had an opportunity to get this type of photo in a while. It was the biggest accomplishment I had all day.

Om nom nom.

It came out a little blurred...
but here's a "princess" bite.

Here's the money shot.
Open wide!