Saturday, March 21, 2015

First visit to The Tilted Kilt

Anthony and I had dinner at The Tilted Kilt tonight at Broadway and Craycroft.

This location used to be Risky Business. It looks a little different inside now that it's Tilted Kilt. It's kind of amusing that the female staff wears the same type of "sexy" outfits that they wear at Hooters. The guys wear kilts as well.

It was a bit pricey I thought but Anthony did have four drinks. We both had chicken tenders, which were really good. I'd order those again on a return visit. I had mine with onion rings, and Anthony had fries. He also ordered pretzels as an appetizer.

Our friend Payton works in the kitchen there and he was able to come out for a minute to say hello.

One really amusing thing that happened occurred before we even went inside. There was a car in the parking lot that someone had decorated to include a ribbon around the perimeter of the vehicle and a blow up doll on the windshield. These are the moments I'm reminded why I bring a camera everywhere -- to catch life's unusual moments.

Tilted Kilt at Broadway and Craycroft
We were seated in the bar area

Payton and Anthony chat
for a minute when Payton was
able to make a brief appearance
during a work break

Photo of the seating
area of the bar section

Almost got a side boob photo
of our server on the left
but my stupid shoulder
got in the way

Beer choices o' plenty

Anthony's pretzel appetizer.
He was so hungry he couldn't
wait to take a bite before
I got this photo shot

My chicken tenders
and onion rings

Anthony's chicken tenders
and fries

Car in the Tilted Kilt parking lot
with a blow up doll on the hood.
The price of these dolls are
always subject to "inflation"