Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Magic 8 Ball says yes

It's Sunday, which means Anthony and I headed out this afternoon for shopping and dinner.

Our first stop was at Target at Grant and Tanque Verde. I purchased razor refills and cologne. Anthony bought tank tops. He wears them around the house. He needs new ones because the ones he has now look like they had an encounter with moths and the moths won.

We had dinner across the street at Pizza Studio. It was pretty busy. It's unusual for us to eat in busy restaurants so it was a surprise. The staff still got us through the line and our pizzas pretty quickly.

Grocery shopping was at the Walmart Neighborhood Market at 22nd and Craycroft. In a tragic moment, they were out of my favorite iced honeybuns (which I eat for breakfast). I had to buy the glazed ones instead. This location is the most reliable for carrying the iced honeybuns so it was a real disappointment they were out. My mornings will be sad all week until I am able to get the kind I like.

Another weekend flew by. They always seem so short. Only 11 weeks until the first three day weekend of the year!

Star Trek t-shirt at Target.
Look at that lovely rainbow....
it must be raining behind the ship.

Cherry Gummy Bunny at Target
One pound of naturally and artificially
flavored gut busting goodness.

Spring Oreos
These cookies are the first sign
that the winter is coming to an end.
Warmer weather has nothing
to do with it.

Target cart down in the parking lot!
Anthony won't let me take pictures
of him anymore but he didn't
say anything about me taking
a picture of his shadow (on the left).

Dinner at Pizza Studio on Grant Road.
It was kind of busy for a Sunday evening.

Anthony's pizza

My ham, mushroom and baKEN pizza

Sunset over the Pantano Wash
as seen from the parking lot of the little
strip mall on Grant Road that has
Pizza Studio, Chipoltle,
Jersey Mike's, a Verizon dealer, and
something else.

Quaker Quinoa Granola Bars
These look like they are made out of gravel.
Mmmmm gravel.

Someone left a Magic 8 Ball
with the Keurig Coffees.
I asked the 8 Ball if it was raining behind the Enterprise
on that t-shirt at Target, and it said "Yes".