Sunday, March 15, 2015

A mattress in a wash and a swamp in a jar

It's Sunday. Of course Anthony and I did the usual dinner and grocery shopping today. I'll get to that in a moment.

This weekend has been a little odd. I received a letter from Unitrin, the insurance company that was listed by the DMV as the carrier insuring Mr. Bill Law a.k.a. Bill Kei Yu (finally have a name of the guy). That's apparently the two names of the jackass who hit my car two weeks ago and denied it ever happening. One guy, two names. Probably an spy in his spare time.

The letter basically states that there "was no policy insuring Bill at the time of the accident". Either one of two things is possible here. He either is insured by someone else and Progressive (my insurance company) did not have success finding out who his current insurer is, or I'm reading a little into this letter that he is uninsured. I'll bet a donut (that's a heavy wager in my mind) that he let his policy lapse. It means that I'm screwed and have to eat the cost of repairing the car. All I can do at this point is be grateful that the damage was minor and no one was hurt.

Anthony and I went to the Sprint store yesterday and traded in our iPhone 5 smartphones for iPhone 6 Plus smartphones. Sprint has a pretty nice deal now where the phones can be leased for a small fee each month and after two years you can just take the phone back and get another one without a big upfront fee. It was a pain in the ass experience -- not from Sprint, the customer service folks at the store are fantastic and the company has always taken good care of me, but from Anthony. Every time we've ever gone to get new phones he mourns the loss of the old one, like losing a loved one. I've never seen anything like it.

I use my phone a lot for Twitter and Facebook, and so I enjoy having the newest technology that allows me to handle social media and blogging as efficiently as possible. Once Anthony has a new phone for a minute, he realizes that it's a good thing that it works better than his previous one and he is happy. It's just an anxiety filled few hours getting the transaction done every couple of years. What made it worse yesterday was that even though the customer service guy repeated back to me what I wanted.... a pair of 64gb models... he gave us the 16gb models instead and I didn't discover the error until we were back at home. So, it required a second trip to the store to swap out the wrong ones an hour after we had left for the correct ones. Anthony blamed me for not inspecting the boxes they came in (part of the anxiety thing and sure, it was my fault for not catching it.... I suck apparently). I didn't discover the error until I went home and hooked the phone up to my computer to restore the data from the old phone. The end result: He seems happy now so it's all good.

Today we went to Fuddrucker's at Speedway and Alamo for dinner. There were a few tables of customers, and we enjoyed a nice dinner and the food was good.

After dinner, we hit the Walmart Neighborhood Market at 22nd and Craycroft. I didn't think it was a big deal, but Anthony wanted me to mention in my blog that I gave a guy some money in the parking lot who had a much more compelling story than most people who panhandle. A veteran down on his luck, physical disability, homeless, staying at a homeless shelter, etc. What struck me about the guy was that he was well spoken, had his hair combed, seemed sober. I may very well have wasted some of my hard earned money giving it to him when he very well could have been off to buy crack with it, but in a rare moment (it is nearly never that I donate money to anyone or anything) I thought maybe this was a situation where it could have been legit.

Anthony asked me why I gave him money and I said "He needed it more than I did, he had a compelling story, and I would just have blown it on loose women and cheap liquor." Part of that statement was true.

Anthony has this week off because the school he works at is on spring break, and I'm heading into another full work week. Here's hoping something interesting happens so I can get it in pictures. That's my hope every week, this one is no exception.

Fuddrucker's at Speedway and Alamo

A rather dramatic looking menu board
and place to order.
In a sad moment, I tried out Apple Pay
for the first time with my new iPhone 6+
and it declined my transaction.
Of course it did, that's how I roll.

A few people in the dining room at Fuddrucker's.
Anthony made us move to a different table
than what we originally sat down at
after a family with kids sat two tables
away from us.
He doesn't like children.

Fuddrucker's has Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.
Anthony operates it like a champ.

Anthony's burger on the left
and I had "The Works" with chicken
instead of a beef patty.

Fresh baked cookies and bread
and brownies at Fuddrucker's

This mattress was in the wash
on the west side of the Fuddrucker's
parking lot and was surprisingly clean.
If someone needs a spot for sex
it's more economical than a hotel room
and you can enjoy the soundtrack
of cars whizzing by on Speedway
while you're getting busy.

Old Maid card game
at Walmart Neighborhood Market.
I didn't know a card game was
created about Anthony.
Tee hee.

Duck Commander Swamp In A Jar
Apparently swamp in a jar
isn't too popular, it was
on clearance.
Not to be confused with swamp ass
in a jar.

Carefree thong pantiliners
Didn't know they made these.
Then realized I wouldn't know
what to do with them if
I had known they made these.

Our stuff on the checkout conveyor belt.
Iced honeybuns on the left.
Official breakfast of
the Ken Carr show.