Sunday, March 22, 2015

Gas relief and ripped shorts

It's Sunday, which means the end of another weekend and the weekly excursion to get dinner and groceries for Anthony and I.

The second half of this week we had a house guest - Anthony's aunt Joann. It was lovely having her stay with us. Lucky was only out of whack for about a day when she arrived. He bounces back from these things much faster these days (he used to act weird the whole time any strangers visited us). We were able to put her up in our guest room (we've really never had a room specifically for guests before, it was always my home office that doubled as a guest room). She left earlier today to return to Pasadena, and we're back to our regular routine.

We had dinner at Taco Bell at Broadway and Camino Seco. One thing I noticed was that the TVs they used to have in there that showed a Taco Bell dedicated channel were gone. It made eating in the dining area pretty boring without them. But, I suppose the dining area is for eating rather than interesting Taco Bell themed videos showing snowboarding and music.

We shopped for groceries across the parking lot at the Walmart Neighborhood Market. The awesome moment of the night came when Anthony was getting back into the car after we were done shopping and proceeded to rip the shorts he was wearing with about a 12 inch tear. I told him that he's now equipped those shorts for summer (air conditioned!) but I have a feeling those won't get worn outside of the house anymore. I was a little disappointed that he took them off when we got home before I had a chance to take a picture... but I have a feeling he didn't want me to post a photo of his butt hanging out of a pair of ripped shorts to live on this blog for all of eternity.


Quesadilla and taco at the
Broadway and Camino Seco
Taco Bell.
They look soooo appetizing
in these wrappers.

Anthony got this in a
funky box

Fine art on the Taco Bell wall

Chocolate Glazed Donut coffee
at the Broadway and Camino Seco
Walmart Neighborhood Market.
A woman in an orange dress with
a white apron will serve it to you.

Peanut Hottie flavor hot drink
Not many products proudly announce
on the label that "you make me hot".

Banquet Penguin Shaped chicken nuggets
I thought they might also offer chicken
shaped penguin nuggets, but no dice.

Oreo Reese's Peanut Butter Cup cookies
They're half brown and half brown.
Sounds like a date I've had.

Dr JH McLean's Volcanic Oil
It must be quite an adventure
to get this from a volcano.

Pomada Dragon Cream
It must be quite an adventure
to get this from a dragon.

Tom and John 30 year gay secret
on the cover of Star magazine.
The real secret is that they aren't gay.
It's been tough to hide all these years.

Nettoie Mieux!
I now know how to say
"cleans better" in French.
I feel really prepared for
a trip to France now.

Hey Anthony!
Yeah you, way down by the woman in pink.
I have something for you!