Sunday, March 8, 2015

Womens Spa and Wellness Showcase Spring 2015 doggie fashion show

I took Lucky to the Spring 2015 Women's Spa and Wellness Showcase doggie fashion show today. We've gone to this event each spring and fall since adopting him a few years ago.

I have limited time to do things outside of work so it was fun to take Lucky out and shoot some photos at the same time. He loves to go anywhere. We both enjoyed the 70-ish degree weather and spending some doggie and doggie daddy time together.

Many of my co-workers from the Morning Blend, KGUN 9, 94.9 MIXfm and 106.3 The Groove were at today's event as well.... so even though it was work related in a non-work related kind of way, I didn't have any responsibilities except for taking care of Lucky and shooting pictures.

The Kenparazzi photos:

Lucky's shirt at the doggie fashion show:
"I like bacon on my bacon"

Lucky making friends

These dogs are dressed and ready
for their moment on stage

Greg Curtis (far left) was the announcer
for the first show at 11 a.m.

Plaid is in this spring

Lucky and Zeus

Joe holds Zeus with his left hand
and Zeus's son with his other hand.
Puppies always draw a crowd.

Audience for the 11 a.m. show

A boy and his dog

Lucky and I behind Morning Blend
host Heather

Photobombing Heather

A photo of this group
taking a selfie

Heather, Whitney, Stephanie

Whitney, Andy, Stephanie

Lucky is all smiles

Lucky meets little Caleb

Lucky hangs close to daddy.
And by daddy, I mean me.

Lucky's view of Rascal
from 106.3 The Groove

A volunteer from Pima Animal Care Center
with this sweet ol' boy who needs a
forever home

94.9 MIXfm tent

Eric should be the next Bachelor.
He's got the roses for it.

This little guy really really really
wanted a treat.

Lucky is still smiling

We're waiting for the 1:30 p.m.
doggie fashion show under a tree.

These people lined up to get books autographed
by this author who wrote about shopping.

The author doesn't believe in
wearing solids.

Leslie, Mrs. Grant, Erin,
Greg, Rascal, Shaun

Bruce, Bobby, Frank, Corey

Three random ladies chatting.
They're now internet famous.

Two random ladies
reading the directory map.

Courtyard at La Encantada

Volvo of Tucson had this vehicle on display.
Lucky tried to get in since the doors were open.

Cooking demonstration with
Iron Chef Tucson 2014 John Hohn.

It was weird sitting on the bench at the west end
of La Encantada on the first floor.
This used to be where the Mega 106.3 tent
always was when I worked on that station.
Not much going on down here these days.

This used to be a Compass Bank ATM

I wonder what Lucky is thinking.
Probably something related to cheese.

Lucky: The aerial view

Doggie and doggie daddy selfie

1:30pm fashion show with
KGUN's Erin Christiansen
walking a rescue dog

Another cute dog on the stage

Audience for the 1:30pm
doggie fashion show

MIXfm's Marty Bishop shooting video
on his smartphone.
Meanwhile, the Kenparazzi shoots a photo
at the exact moment this person bends over.
It turned this photo into looking
more naughty than it really was.

Aerial view of Andy
giving today's event a thumbs up

Courtyard of La Encantada
as seen from the second floor
when Lucky and I were leaving.
Another day of Lucky strutting
his stuff in the books.