Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dylan the two year old guest

We had an unusual guest on the TV show today... a two year old named Dylan. Most of our guests are adults with a few teens mixed in occasionally. A little kid is not usually on the show as a guest.

He was there with his mom for a segment on the Nurse Family Partnership. He was adorable. He walked around with a little toy airplane in each hand, charming everyone and holding the airplanes out to people.

Like many two year olds, he had a pretty short attention span. So, he'd walk up, hold out his airplanes, and about three seconds later be off to do something else.

He didn't contribute much to the segment once it was on live, but he was fun to have around.

I shot some photos of his visit:

Two year old Dylan in a sea
of guests and staff in the TV studio

Dylan and his toy airplanes

Dylan hands host Tina an airplane

He takes his airplane and leaves

Live on TV, Dylan wanders around
while the adults talk

Dylan meets intern Nicolina

Nicolina keeps Dylan occupied
while mom talks on TV

Studio floor = instant airport