Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ripping up a 100 dollar bill on TV

I captured an awesome moment shooting photos on the TV show today: Genuine shock when a guest ripped up a real $100 bill live on the air.

The guest's name was Erika, she is the CEO of a company that puts vacation packages together for Cancun and surrounding areas, and was on the show to discuss the importance of taking vacations.

Of course, since I haven't taken a vacation day since summer 2010, my co-workers gave me crap about booking a guest talking about the importance of taking vacations when I don't. What my co-workers don't know is that I'm saving up for one. So far, I have about ten dollars worth of pennies in my penny jar. The saving for vacation is going slowly but I've added about 100 pennies since the beginning of 2015. I'm well on my way.

Witnessing the ripping of real money makes for awesome TV.

A 100 dollar bill gets torn up
and two host's jaws hit the floor

Yup, still ripping.
Sometimes sacrifices have to
be made for dramatic effect.