Thursday, April 9, 2015

Guess which fist is holding the candy

Each month, we have a professional organizer named Jennifer visit the TV show to do a segment. She's a really fabulous woman, and I especially like her because she's fun to photograph during her segments. She knows that I shoot the photos, and is a really good sport about it.

She's an expressive woman, and being expressive translates into interesting and fun pictures.

Jennifer was on the show yesterday, and I shot a few gems during the five minutes she was on TV. I have created completely fake captions that have absolutely nothing to do with what she was talking about to make these a little funnier:

"I got him right where I wanted him
and didn't let go."

"I couldn't believe that
it was this big."

"If you point at me one more time,
I'm going to pretend I'm insane"

"If you guess which fist I'm holding
the candy, you can have it."