Sunday, April 12, 2015

Anthony's new ride

Anthony and I did our usual Sunday evening dinner and grocery shopping today. He offered to drive which was a privilege for me because it was my first time in his new ride.

He's the proud owner of a pretty blue Hyundai. It's very comfortable and a nice car.

We went to dinner at El Taco Tote. We both noticed something different about the place when we walked in. I figured out two things: They replaced most of the lights in there with florescent bulbs. They are the squiggly kind and kind of ugly. The second thing was that the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine is no longer there. That is the machine that has a touch screen where you can mix and match the flavors. It was replaced with standard fountain drink machines. I was terribly disappointed.

We went to Walmart Neighborhood Market at Broadway and Camino Seco for the grocery part of tonight's excursion.

Another weekend in the books. They always fly by.

Pretty blue lights on the dashboard
in Anthony's new car

Selfie in the passenger seat
of Anthony's new car.
I have a fat head.

The fountain drink machines that
replaced the Coca-Cola Freestyle
soda dispenser at El Taco Tote.

Anthony's self-made nachos
at El Taco Tote

My dinner at El Taco Tote

Walmart Neighborhood Market at
Broadway and Camino Seco.
It must have been a big weekend for bread.
It looks like the shelves haven't been
stocked for a while.

Doritos Jacked Spicy Street Taco.
Horchata optional.

Pringles Food Truck Flavors
Kickin' Chicken Taco.
The food truck on the label
looks more like a short bus.

Yoo hoo, Anthony....
I found something for you.