Monday, April 20, 2015

I laughed, I played bingo, I ate

I laughed, I played bingo, I ate (that could be the name of a band!). That's a quick description of the weekend.

Saturday: Anthony and I went to Casino Del Sol and played bingo on Saturday night. It was a lot of fun to go, we hadn't been since late last summer. Unfortunately, we didn't win. But, I did play slots for a little while after bingo and won back the money I spent. So, it wasn't a total loss. We were one number away on a few occasions during the session but close only works for horseshoes and hand grenades.

Sunday was a lazy day for me. I caught up on some sleep, we went to Whataburger for dinner, and grocery shopping rounded out the day. Anthony spent the afternoon making some extra money tutoring a couple of high school kids and then he donated blood platelets. He's spent his Sunday shaping minds and saving people, and I took a nap.

Three of the five workdays this week I have vacationing co-workers. I will have extra work to do but it's ok. Keeps me out of the old folks home.

Anthony at Casino Del Sol
We played bingo, we lost, we suck.

I was one number away from winning
a bingo.
Go ahead, cry for me. I'll wait here.

Anthony donated blood platelets.
All he got for his trouble
was a pen mark and this ridiculous
looking bandage.

Dinner at Whataburger
at Speedway and Woodland.
Our order took a while so
they gave us an apple pie
as an apology without us
even asking.

Dinner is served

My barbecue chicken strip sandwich

Anthony's honey mustard chicken club
That piece of lettuce tried to make a run
for it, but didn't get far.

Loose Gravel sign in the Whataburger parking lot.
Loose Gravel is like a loose woman.
That gravel will sleep with any gravel
that pays attention to it.

Fresh Cotton candles at Walmart Market
at 22nd and Craycroft.
Mmmmm burning cotton smell

Charmin Sensitive
It cries during romantic movies

Dr Scholl's Corn Removers
Finally a way to get corn off of a cob

Chocodile Twinkies
This must be like the new
darker emojis on my iPhone.
Gotta represent other shades
of Twinkies.

Sara Lee Devil's Food Cakes
on the floor at Walmart Market.
They tried to escape but
were a little too slow.