Sunday, April 5, 2015

Crack is whack

I have never enjoyed doing yard work. I had to mow the lawn when I was a kid, and now that Anthony and I have moved into a house I get to do yard work again. If there is any one reason why I wish we still lived in the apartment at Ridgepointe, this is it.

I spent both days of this weekend outside trying to hack down weeds, cut grass (it's really about 20% grass and 80% weeds), getting a sunburn, and a sore back. I spent the last two hours I was outside today spraying to kill weeds so that maybe in the next few weekends I'll have to spend less time outside chopping down weeds. I doubled the amount of weed killer to water the bottle said to mix because I want to make sure those bastards die. DIE. DIE DIE DIE.

I also cleared the weeds in the alley from the north side of the backyard fence. It looks like I'm the only person on this block that actually makes an attempt to do that. Either I'm crazy or my neighbors don't give a crap.

It's war. Ken vs. the weeds. It's going to be a long summer.

Planet life in the Ken Carr backyard
is now a bit shorter

It's not pretty but it's
where Lucky gets to poop

The alley where my neighbors
houses are

Weeds hacked down in the alley
behind my house

I spotted the neighbor to the
north on the other side of
the alley bending over to
pull up weeds....

He really needed to pull up his pants.
There's a good four inches of
butt crack showing.
And, crack is whack.