Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wild for Peeps at Walgreens

This week's Sunday night shopping excursion included a stop at the Walgreen's at Speedway and Craycroft.

Anthony needed some nasal spray, but his real focus was on the clearance Christmas candy aisle.  In the rockstar fashion that is truly Anthony, he discovered Christmas themed Peeps there a few weeks ago and devoured boxes of them.  The fact that they are discounted only encouraged him to buy an armload more.

I had to remind him to get the nasal spray.  Some things are more important than nasal spray, like Peeps shaped like Christmas trees.

Driving west on Pima Street in the rain on the way to Walgreen's

Here's Anthony, who hates to have his photo taken, so he threw his hood up when I brought out the camera.
We're waiting in the rain to turn at Pima and Craycroft.

Anthony locks his car in the Walgreen's parking lot at Speedway and Craycroft on a rainy Tucson night

The Justin Bieber Brush Buddies toothbrush has been updated!
The original one had "Baby" and one other song.
The new one has "Boyfriend".

Here's Anthony with an armload of marshmallow Christmas themed Peeps.
Or as he likes to call it, "breakfast".