Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wafflers, sliders and a lumpy purple ass

A trip to the grocery store today (Walmart Neighborhood Market) brought the usual oddities that I always manage to capture in photos.  We went to the 22nd and Craycroft location.

Anthony was in kind of a weird mood when he went.  I attribute it to a bacon sundae sugar rush that he was having from an earlier stop at Burger King.  Consequently, I didn't get as many awesome photos as I usually do.  But I scored a few.

Barefoot Bubbly champagne
(this picture turned out terrible, I have kicked my own ass for that)
I'll bet it tastes like feet.

I haven't needed one of these since 1995.

Ecce Homo candle.
I think the candlemaker is suggesting that Jesus is gay.

I could have used this candle for luck when the Powerball jackpot was $570 million a few weeks ago.

Ball Park beef sliders
I thought Ballpark just made hot dogs.
My curiosity as to whether they plump when I cook 'em made me buy these.

Eggo Wafflers
It says 'no syrup needed'.
Apparently they haven't met me.

I managed to catch a photo of an unusual looking rear end at the cash register.
It was fascinating to look at... it appeared that there was a person fighting to get out of the back of the purple pants