Monday, December 24, 2012

2012 flashback

Its Christmas Eve and I'm at work.  The company I work for doesn't make this a paid holiday and I don't take vacation days unless they have purpose (like going somewhere or having something to do besides sitting at home watching TV or recovering from getting run over by a bus).  A very small staff is here and there's very little to do since the Blend is in 'best of' mode this week.  So, I thought I'd post a look back at the last year.

2012 wasn't terribly remarkable but it wasn't terrible.  That was good enough.

January 2012: The Fox 11 goodbye party at Union Public House
I worked at Fox 11 for four months before returning to Journal in February 2012.
I barely got to know the group of people that worked there but two of the people pictured
(Karen in stripes, Marcelino in light blue) are now co-workers of mine at KGUN 9.

February 2012: In my new office at KGUN 9 with an Arizona Lottery swag bag
I won the goodies I'm holding thanks to Twitter.
And, I'm now the Executive Producer of a TV show.
Its the first time in my 25 year career I have the word 'executive' in my job title.
March 2012: Ed Asner on the Morning Blend
The TV legend sat in my office for over an hour after he was on the show waiting for a cousin to pick him up
so they could go have lunch.
A genuinely nice and funny man.
April 2012: David and Justin's reception
Two of my favorite people ever invited us to their party.
I don't wear those pants anymore because they developed a hole at one of the belt loops. 

May 2012: Bringing Lucky home from the Humane Society.
Anthony and I adopted a dog that is a joy to have around... when he isn't shedding or hiding in the bathroom.
June 2012: Cosmic Bingo at Casino Del Sol
Anthony and I went numerous times to the late night bingo fun fest on Saturdays...
including the first evening we ever spent time together.
The casino discontinued Cosmic Bingo during the summer of 2012 after a five year run.
July 2012: My 46th birthday
I wanted to eat this cake that Anthony baked for me without a fork or plate.
The worst part about turning 46 is that I'm not quite old enough yet for the senior citizen menu at Denny's.
August 2012: Tucson International Airport
I visited the airport once this year to pick up a candidate who flew in for a job interview (we hired her).
This was the closest I came to a vacation all year.
In retrospect, I should have brought a suitcase and let it go around the carousel a few times to make it seem authentic.
September 2012: Space shuttle Endeavor flies over Tucson
The space shuttle flew very close to the KGUN building and I took a few photos.
This picture was featured on the home page of the website for about half a day.
October 2012: Arizona Wildcats basketball game
I went to my first ever Arizona men's basketball game on Halloween night and sat in the second row center court.
In a tragic moment, I was so far from the concession stand I didn't get a hot dog.
Regret can be an ugly thing.
November 2012: The tire with the slow leak.
The passenger side rear tire on my car developed a slow leak in September.
I still have to air it up every morning with this little air compressor because it goes flat every 24 hours.
I haven't replaced the tire yet.  Those things are expensive.
I also paid off the car loan in November after six years.
December 2012: A bacon sundae at Burger King.
Anthony and I ate dinner on a Sunday night before going to the grocery store, a common ritual this year.
I ate a bacon cheeseburger, he ate a bacon sundae.
That sentence describes our relationship perfectly.