Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Why some Pima County Voters requested replacement ballots

I'll start out by saying that I'm not going to dive into politics with this post.  Its actually going to be mildly funny.

I caught this online today and I'm sharing the highlights.  Here are some of the reasons that Pima County, Arizona voters had for requesting replacement ballots in the 2012 fall election.

I think these are some of the more amusing reasons:

- Used a Sharpie pen and it bled through the ballot on the other side.
- Cat vomited on my first ballot.
- Cannot find my ballot on my desk.
- Used the wrong purple pen, a highlighter.
- Changed my mind for President after the last debate.
- I accidentally put it through the shredder.
- I ordered a ballot to this hotel but I am moving hotels so send it to the new one.
- Parrot ate the ballot.
- Dropped cigarette on ballot and burned it.
- Ballot got wet, put it in the microwave to dry it, ballot caught fire.

Voting isn't as easy as it looks.