Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Shelley GoodStein and her finger

One of the frequent guests we have on the TV show is Shelley GoodStein, who is a really awesome person.  She's a model, makeup, and fashion expert.  She always looks flawless.

I take photos on the show set to place on the Blend's Facebook page and also for a segment we run at the end of each week.

Thanks to the photo you'll see below, I had a high school moment.  When a professional photographer comes to a high school and snaps a class picture... there is always somebody who flips off the camera or does some obnoxious thing.

Shelley was describing how some makeup is applied and in a complete moment of timing and luck, I snapped a photo where it appears she's flipping off TV viewers.

Score one for the teenage boy in me who still finds stuff like this hilarious.

Shelley and her finger.
She wants you to know that you're number one.