Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best wishes to the woman in apartment 30

Allison, the co-worker who lives in the same apartment building I do, sent me a text when she got home earlier tonight.  She usually gets home a couple of hours before I do and said that the older lady who lives across the way from me in apartment 30 was being paid a visit by paramedics and wheeled out on a stretcher.

The apartment 30 occupant is a nice woman.  I don't know her name, but she is always friendly, says hello when she sees me, and shuffles around with the help of a dark red walker.  She never remembers my name but always remembers Lucky's name.

A sign appeared on her door a few days ago that says "no smoking, oxygen in use".  It seems like an indication that her health is turning for the worse.

I noticed that a poinsetta sitting on her patio has fallen over.  I'll have to go sit it upright so it stays healthy for her return home.

Best wishes to you woman whose name I don't know in apartment 30.  May you have a speedy recovery.

Apartment 30 as seen from my bedroom balcony
Its the one with the stuff on the door on the bottom floor