Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ken Jerky Sticks and a cheese dilemma at Trader Joe's

Today's Sunday shopping extravaganza was a four stop affair.

The first stop was at Petsmart to get Lucky a ridiculously large bag of dog food.  Its the only way to go to make it cost efficient.  But, I have to carry that forty pound bastard (the dog food, not Lucky) all the way from the parking lot to our apartment and upstairs.  If I ever have a heart attack, that'll be the cause.

The next stop was across the parking lot from Petsmart at the Trader Joe's at Grant and Swan.  I'm not a very big fan of Trader Joe's.  Everyone who shops there looks like they were bussed in from Oregon and the food is pretty weird.  But, Anthony loves it there so I end up tagging along when he wants to go.

I did find something to do... take a few photos.

Anthony picks out cheese at Trader Joe's
He spent five minutes debating which one to buy and ended buying both.

Trek Mix at Trader Joe's
This is what Captain Kirk ate on the starship Enterprise
(Trek... Star Trek... get it...)

Ken Jerky Sticks
They were originally chicken jerky sticks... but taking the chic off automatically makes them more delicious.