Sunday, December 9, 2012

A fake banana at Bookman's

I was asked to attend an 'off-site' meeting on Friday afternoon at the Beyond Bread restaurant at Speedway and Wilmot.  I've never been a fan of off-site meetings.  I have always thought if I was going off-site from work, its because I'm done with work.  But some managers think its a good thing.  I'm in no position to object.  (I did the beyond part of Beyond Bread... I had a soda).

I went a little early to go to Bookman's next door.  If you're not familiar with Bookman's, they sell used books, magazines, movies, and some other used stuff in a very large store.  I was hoping to get a little bit of inspiration for something to buy Anthony for Christmas.

I didn't really find the inspiration I was looking for.  But, I did spot a fake banana in a basket among a whole bunch of books.  Like everything at Bookman's, the fake banana was for sale.

I already have a fake cucumber at home (from a now closed Baggins location on Oracle Road) so I decided not to buy the fake banana.  There is only so much fake produce that it makes sense to keep around an apartment.

A fake banana on a shelf at Bookman's
I think it was there to help customers identify that those are books about food.
It was also a short distance from the books about sex.