Friday, December 14, 2012

The first winter rain of December 2012

The first winter rain of winter 2012 fell in Tucson last night.

It was a pretty big storm.  It rained all night.  And, if winter rain and monsoon rain confuse you I can help.  Winter rain falls in the winter... and generally is an all day event.  Monsoon rain storms are quick and more destructive.  Monsoon is also a summer occurence.

I walked out of my apartment (after taking Lucky out to pee, he doesn't enjoy this kind of weather very much) and thought this scene was photo worthy.  The wet weather made it look like a mirror was on the sidewalks of Ridgepointe.

Wet sidewalks at Ridgepointe Apartments during winter rain in Tucson
Hey look!  The sidewalk lamp posts are all working.  Amazing!