Wednesday, December 26, 2012

History of a fallen lamp post - Part 2

I posted back in July about a light post at Ridgepointe near my apartment that decided it was tired enough to fall down.  You can read about it (and see the photos) by clicking here.

The lamp post has bitten the dust... again.

One of my neighbors had a few friends over for a party on Christmas Eve and I wonder if the lamp post was a casualty of their debauchery.  The lamp post was not the only clue, there was also a discarded cup and a water bottle that ended up in a bush nearby.

The cause of the lamp post's falling will likely remain a mystery.  But, once again, it needs to be fixed (along with three other lights that have burned out near my building).

Maybe the maintenance crew has some duct tape lying around.

The lamp post near my apartment that has fallen and can't get up.
The light still works, it's just much closer to the ground now.

A cup near the fallen lamp post

A discarded water bottle in a bush near the fallen lamp post