Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shout outs from KRQ and the Tucson Weekly

Today was exciting.  I scored two awesome shout outs!

John Schuster of the Tucson Weekly wrote about "Tracking Tucson's Twitter Stars" in his Media Watch column.  He discussed local Tucson media outlets and personalities and how successful (or not successful) they were in attracting followers on their Twitter accounts.

The part he wrote about me:  "News producer Ken Carr boasts a lofty 2,500 followers. Perhaps more impressive: He's tweeted more than 31,000 times."

I've been on Twitter almost four years.  I do Tweet often.  He didn't mention my second Twitter account with more than 6,200 followers (I'm happy I was mentioned at all).  But, I was excited that I didn't look too shabby among the media outlets and personalities in Tucson on Twitter.

To read the Tucson Weekly column, click here.  For my @kencarr Twitter account, click here.  And for @whatsuptucson, click here.

Then tonight, I was walking Lucky around Ridgepointe.  We reached the back of the apartment complex and I heard music and shouting coming from the east.  I realized I was hearing Joejoe's voice, the evening disc jockey on 93.7 KRQ that I worked with until 2005.  He was doing his show live at the Teen Jam at Golf N Stuff, which is located four blocks to the east.

I sent him a Tweet letting him know while he was on the loudspeakers doing his show for the crowd that Lucky decided when Joejoe's voice and Flo Rida's "Low" came on, it was time to stop and poop.  It was a pretty funny moment.  Although I was far more amused about it than Lucky was.

Joe sent me a Tweet back along with a video.  He did a shout out!  It was awesome.

Check out the video out of the shout out by clicking here.

And Joejoe, Lucky appreciates your wonderful voice that allowed his colon to relax.  He'll sleep comfortably tonight thanks to you.