Monday, July 9, 2012

History of a fallen light post

A light post near my apartment has been a source of fascination for me this past month.

Usually these types of posts are made of metal, anchored in cement, and it would take an extremely large and clumsy person tripping and falling into it for it to fall over.

That may be what started its decline.  That will remain a mystery.  But, I have watched it slowly go down, come apart on the ground, and today... almost a month later... it disappeared with only wiring and an indentation left.

Here's a photo recap of the mighty light post's demise:

The light post's first sign of failing on June 10.
It started with a lean.

The light post fell down three days later.

The top started coming off later the same day.

It stayed this way until...
...almost a month later when it was removed, an indentation of the pole remained,
and a clump of wiring with the tops taped off now remain.

This seems awfully safe.