Sunday, July 1, 2012

Birthday Eve

Tomorrow is my 46th birthday.

I've already received a gift:  Anthony got me a bottle of Bavx cologne from L'Occitane.  I like it cause I think it smells like cookies.  Thanks Anthony!

I was thinking today about some of the 45 birthdays I've had previously.

As a kid, birthdays are always a big deal.  I got an AM radio for my 5th birthday.  I got a yellow bike with a red flag on it for my 7th birthday.  My 16th was a big deal because I got a used car... a 1974 Mercury Monterey (it looked just like this except it was brown).  I had to pay for the gas and upkeep out of the money from my job at Boogaart's grocery store.  I scored that job shortly after my 16th.  I got my driver's license minutes after the motor vehicle department opened on that birthday.  That may be the best birthday I've ever had.

Moving into adulthood... there was my 21st birthday (most everyone looks forward to that one).  I drank half a bottle of vodka (the first and last time I've ever done that) on my that birthday and passed out before the party my friends threw for me even started.

My grandfather (my dad's dad) told me once on his birthday, "I've survived another year."  I thought that was a good philosophy and I remind myself of that every year.

I'm working a regular workday tomorrow and Anthony has already baked some brownies which are sitting on the counter with a few unlit candles on top of the lid.  Eating one of those will definitely be a highlight.  I like food that is covered in frosting.

Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, it's likely I'll receive lots of birthday wishes.  I'll treasure every one.

One other milestone will occur in my life this week:  Thursday July 5 will mark the 25th anniversary of my career in broadcast media.  Its challenging enough staying alive for 46 years... I've kept a career alive in an often difficult field for 25 years.  Now that is amazing!

The biggest downside to turning 46:  I'm still not old enough for the senior citizen discount at Denny's.  But, time seems to go faster as I get older... so cheaper Grand Slams will come soon enough.