Monday, July 2, 2012

A Lucky and Ken Photoshoot

The camera was out shooting the cutting of brownies on my birthday, and it seemed like a great time to grab Lucky for a few photos.

He doesn't like cameras.  Its all part of his "I don't like any gadget I do not understand, that makes noise, has lights, or bright colors" philosophy.  Consequently, I had to hold him to make sure he was part of the photos.  Otherwise, I would have looked pretty stupid holding an armful of air.

Here are a few photos of a boy and his dog.

(The other boy that owns the dog -- Anthony -- is playing photographer).  Hair by Ken Carr, lighting by Ridgepointe, clothing by Target.

Lucky and Ken.
One of us doesn't like the paparazzi very much.

Lucky's already over this photoshoot.
I had this look on my face because one of us farted.
I am not saying which one of us it was.

I sat down on the floor trying to make Lucky more comfortable.
Lucky was contemplating his own death at this point.

I gave Lucky a kiss.
Lucky wished a meteor would fall out of the sky and kill me.

I tried to give Lucky my usual end of a date good night lick.
He's a heartbreaker.