Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pre Birthday Fun

My 46th (ugh) birthday is Monday July 2.  Since it falls on a Monday, Anthony took me out for some fun yesterday so I'd have a little chance to celebrate.

I couldn't go to Cosmic Bingo at Casino Del Sol because its been discontinued.  But, we decided to go for the regular evening session at 6:30 p.m. instead.

We had lots of fun.  Anthony won a bingo (and I didn't).  But, I did have little bit of luck playing slots.  I won a little over a hundred dollars.  Then, we went over to Desert Diamond Casino on the way home and I put a $20 into a nickel machine and won $180 dollars.

Happy Pre-Birthday to me!

The Casino Del Sol bingo hall... not as exciting as when Cosmic Bingo was around.

Performing the Leslie Lois signature drinking move using a soda and a coffee stirrer

We ate at Abulitas at Casino Del Sol after playing bingo.
Anthony is the only person I have ever met that eats carne asada street tacos with a fork.