Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lucky ate his harness and other random news

Here are some highlights (and a lowlight or two) of the last few days:

Lucky ate his harness.  More specifically, he chewed through it... while he was wearing it.  He's tough to figure out sometimes.  He hasn't chewed anything that doesn't belong to him.  But, he has eaten holes in two beds and he's chewed through his harness.  $27 at Petsmart for a replacement plus a collar as well.  We're taking the harness off of him now when he's inside so that shouldn't be a problem again.  Its a little annoying that he does that kind of thing occasionally but I can't be too mad since he's stayed out of stuff that he shouldn't get into.

I was reminded today that I need to be careful what I eat at work.  We had a local chef on doing a cooking segment and he made this really delicious dish that I ate some of.  I won't name the restaurant because I'd like to keep my job... thank you very much.  Anyway, the food gave me a raging case of diahrrea that has lasted all day.

I posted on Facebook earlier this week asking if my FB friends would be interested in seeing me vlog.  One of my Twitter buddies, @frankiezzy, suggested a while back that I should try vlogging.  I've had video cameras for a while and occasionally post videos but have never done it with any regularity.  I had a very positive response on Facebook to the idea.  But, I felt that before I dive into a project like that I should do a little research.  Considering the work that is involved in shooting and editing something that looks halfway decent (which is roughly what my skillset in making videos allows), I want to feel confident that I can have a regular release schedule and that the content would have some level of consistency.  Most of that involves having at least a general plan to start with and if it evolves that's fine.  I may try to dive into that a bit this weekend.

I have a new neighbor that I actually know.  I was out walking Lucky after work today and we were near the parking lot and I heard someone yell my name.  A woman got out of a car and I recognized her.  Keely!  She's the daughter of a woman I worked with during my days at KRQ.  It turns out she lives in the next building over and recently moved in.  That makes three Facebook friends and two co-workers who I know that live at Ridgepointe.

I'm going to wrap this up for now because I'm writing in my home office and getting dive bombed by a fly that I apparently let into the apartment at some point tonight.  I'm not wearing a helmet so I have no way to defend myself.

Here are a couple of photos for your KENjoyment:

Lucky runs away from the camera.
This was the last night wearing his old harness before he chewed through it.
He doesn't like the Kenparazzi.

This is the TV in my office at KGUN.
The satellite feed from ABC froze yesterday afternoon and this image of a spray bottle
stayed on the screen for about five minutes.
I thought for a moment that the inside of the screen was dirty and it was being used to clean it.