Sunday, July 22, 2012

Photos from a drive across Tucson

A trip across Tucson yesterday afternoon to play bingo at Casino Del Sol gave me the opportunity to take some random photos on the way.  That was because I convinced Anthony to drive.

This fenced off and now closed Burger King at 22nd St and Columbus is pretty much torn apart inside.
But someone working on the now closed building has a sense of humor with the drive-thru sign.

This man crossing 22nd Street is proof that the mullet is still alive and well.

'A' Mountain

Its well known that the worst drivers in southern Arizona come from here.

This person was driving like they were on a suicide mission on I-19.
Now whoever drives Arizona license plate AXE1262 has been called out.
Slow it down buddy.

Driving west on Valencia Road.
Cactus / sahuaros on the right.
Welcome to the desert.

Casino Del Sol Resort as seen driving down Valencia Road.