Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me Part Two

The Ken Carr birthday fun continued after work today.

But, before I left work, tragedy struck.  The wonderful pair of dark blue khakis that Anthony got me for Christmas have developed a hole.  I didn't notice until middle of the day.  Fortunately, they're near a belt loop and not in the crotch so I was able to deal with wearing them the whole day at work.  One of the only not wonderful things about my birthday.

Once I got home from work, I took a little nap, and then got ready and Anthony and I had dinner at El Taco Tote.  I like that restaurant... they make delicious top sirloin tacos.

After dinner, we took a drive out to Desert Diamond Casino.  I figured since it was a lucky month during a lucky year (according to numerologist Patricia Kirkman), I have a dog named Lucky, its almost a full moon, and my birthday, it was about as much luck stacked on as could be imagined.  I hit a hundred dollars on a quarter machine five minutes after getting there which at least funded the remaining fun of playing other slots with Anthony and I.  Unfortunately, I didn't win a jackpot.  But, there's almost a full month of luck ahead according to Patricia so I have that to look forward to.

Once we got home, it was time to cut the brownies frosted with cream cheese frosting, blow out a few candles, and end the birthday on a delicious note.

Overall, a good 46th birthday.  Except for the hole in the pants part.

Anthony gets a refreshing drink from the amazing Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine at El Taco Tote

Birthday tacos!  Om nom nom.

Anthony still eats his nacho chips with a fork.
This habit may or may not be turning him into a zombie.

I hoped I had enough breath left in me at the age of 46 to blow out four candles

20 minutes later I had two down...

Fudge brownies with cream cheese frosting baked by Anthony.

I would have gotten away with eating this whole thing myself if it wasn't for those meddling kids.

Anthony neatly cuts the brownies.

Anthony gets ready to neatly dish out the brownies.

Anthony breaks the first brownie in half.

Anthony dishes out the next one.
Neatness isn't counting anymore.

He arranged the now destroyed brownie on a plate.
I didn't care... it was delicious!