Monday, July 30, 2012

Lucky frolics while Ken watches

It seems I have actually done something right for once.

Lucky has made some real progress in the last week.  He's gotten more responsive to Anthony and I.  He's also wagged his tail for the first time and has done it almost every evening when he thinks its about time to go for a long walk.  Tonight he was almost giddy.

The other interesting thing he did tonight was that he got halfway up on the couch so he could be petted.

The big change seems to be how he has responded to giving him more physical contact.  I've always petted him.  But, I decided that maybe if I got down on his level more that he might positively respond and he has.  He snuggles up and lays on his back to get a tummy scratch, he licks my ear, and if I scoot over while on the floor he moves over to lean against me.  Its really cute actually.

He still demonstrates a lot of skiddish behavior but its getting mixed in with more relaxed behavior.  I'm still not convinced he'll have a one hundred percent turnaround.  However, he seems to be doing much better with us.

In other news, while walking Lucky tonight, I discovered that Ridgepointe is a bit more crime ridden than I knew.  Keely (one of my neighbors) was telling me that an apartment was burglarized last night, at another one someone tried to open a sliding door, and several cars were burglarized in the parking lot.  I posted the damage from one of the break ins earlier today.

I've learned over the years that there is a strong likelihood that its either someone who lives in the complex already or who lives in the vicinity.  This complex has some serious lighting issues (as in lack of).  That is especially true in the parking lots where its very dark and what lighting exists is relatively dim.  I can hope it gets addressed but HSL, the company that owns the property, is notorious for poor maintenance service while charging high rents.  The only security presence I've seen here is someone who comes by to lock the swimming pool and hot tub gates at 10 p.m.  But, I am always optimistic that the best will happen... so maybe its just a set of freak occurences.