Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Don't fence me in

Living in this house the last couple of years, we've avoided monsoon storm damage.... until today.

A little fence that separates this property from the one to the west blew over during a thunderstorm. It isn't a very sturdy fence so the fact that it's stayed upright all this time is amazing.

I was able to bend the little posts upright with little effort and have to get some kind of wire, straps or screws to reattach the pieces of wood to the poles. It won't be an expensive or difficult repair.

If this is the worst damage we ever get from a monsoon thunderstorm, I'll take it.

Fence blown over during a monsoon thunderstorm

Blown over fence, one of the overly trimmed juniper trees,
and the stone thing (on the right) that had the
bee hive in it.
2016 hasn't been kind to the front yard.