Saturday, June 11, 2016

Vegas Vacation: The drive from Tucson to Las Vegas

I took a vacation. It was six years in the making but I did finally take one.

Anthony and I drove to Las Vegas for a four day excursion. We met up with my friends Brandon and Lilly and enjoyed several days hanging out, losing money on the slot machines, paying a visit to the Mob Museum (which is super cool, I highly recommend going), and had a VIP bowling party at the Red Rock Casino. Add in a tram ride, staying up late every night, and seeing a little bit of the Las Vegas strip (we never did do much walking the strip, I guess that will have to wait until next time).

Brandon was kind enough to pay for our room at the Flamingo Hotel. It was a pretty big hotel room. (Thanks Brandon!)

Due to pretty reasonable gas prices at the moment (around $2 a gallon) and 35+ mpg gas mileage with the poomobile, the round trip travel cost was about $45. Much cheaper than paying for flights for both Anthony and I, and we had a car to use while we were there. That turned out to be pretty helpful to get to the Mob Museum, Fremont Street Experience, and to the Red Rock Casino on the west side of Las Vegas.

I shot plenty of photos and rather than try to post them all into one blog entry, I'm breaking them up into a few themes / events. This group of photos is dedicated to the drive there and back:

Anthony is all smiles as we hop onto I-10 leaving Tucson

The poomobile apparently attracts poo.
I was dive bombed by birds while driving on the freeway.

It's a bunch of crap if you ask me.

Driving to Las Vegas through Phoenix on Sunday June 5.
The hottest day of the year so far in Arizona.
It was 121 degrees according to the poomobile.
Of course, it's a dry heat.

A potty break in Kingman, Arizona off of I-40 at the Petro.

This photo of this Cruise America RV For Rent
reminded me of my last visit to Las Vegas for
Brandon's bachelor party.
He along with other guys from the wedding party
traveled from California to Vegas in one of these.

We ate a late lunch / early dinner in the poomobile
from the McDonald's drive thru

Photo of area near the Hoover Dam off Highway 93
just south of the Arizona / Nevada border
as seen from the passenger side car window.
The Hoover Dam is obscured from view on US 93.

Nevada, we are entering you

The Hoover Dam Lodge has a free 16 oz Coke

The Hoover Dam Lodge also has steak as long as you
don't go on Tuesdays or Wednesdays

Lake Mead as seen from the passenger side window
of the poomobile driving down US 93

Flash forward to our drive back to Tucson....
this Boulder City Police car stopped somebody
in the McDonald's parking lot.
Real life Cops... Boulder City style.

We left some urine at the TA in Kingman, Arizona
and I purchased some soda and cookies.

The skyline of Kingman, Arizona.
They don't need no stinking skyscrapers.

When seagulls go on vacation, this is what they ride in.

One of the 150 times that Anthony nodded off to sleep
on the way back to Tucson

Anyone need shoes?
These were in the dirt lot next to the Shell station
in Wikieup, Arizona.
Sorry that I didn't check to see what size they are.