Sunday, June 19, 2016

They say it's a dry heat

I've always disliked being cold. But there's a point where even I, cold blooded as I am, feel it's pretty darned hot. Today was one of those days.

We hit 115 degrees in Tucson which ranked as one of the three hottest days ever recorded. A couple of people died hiking in this heat (a completely preventable death if someone has an ounce of intelligence and knows it's going to kill you hiking when it's 115 degrees). I wanted to get some yard work done this weekend but I decided I didn't have a death wish.

One of the items that Anthony's mom left here when she moved out and we moved in was a vintage outdoor thermometer. (I just looked it up on e-bay and it's worth over a hundred bucks!) It also registered the ridiculously warm day we had. Of course, it's a dry heat.

It also gave us a lovely sunset -- the heat in combination with drifting smoke from a wildfire burning in northern Arizona.

The Bubble Up thermometer keeping track
of how hot it got on Sunday June 19th.

When I shot this photo in the early afternoon
it had only reached 113 degrees.
That already had broken a record for this date.

Hot weather and smoke in the air
gave us a beautiful sunset
in Southern Arizona tonight.