Saturday, June 11, 2016

Vegas Vacation: VIP Bowling Party at Red Rock

One of the activities we dove into while we were in Las Vegas was a VIP bowling party at Red Rock Casino / Red Rock Lanes. This is one time where having the poomobile came in handy. It was about a 20 minute drive from the strip area and having a car to drive over there was much cheaper than getting a taxi.

Red Rock is an impressive venue. It is one of the largest casinos I've ever been in. The casino floor is massive with hundreds of slot machines, there is a hotel there as well as a multiplex movie theater, and a bowling alley. There may be more to it than what I just described, that's all I was able to see during the time we were there. I could easily spend a vacation just staying at that facility and have plenty to do.

Brandon had arranged thanks to some online rewards he had for Anthony, he and I to have a VIP bowling party at Red Rock Lanes. They have a separate area for VIP parties that are essentially like mini lounges with cushy couches, four bowling lanes per suite, music video screens, and a VIP host. These parties normally go for over a thousand dollars.

We had a blast bowling and the two hours we had the suite flew by. A big thanks to Brandon for arranging for this as part of our vacation in Vegas. It was awesome.

Anthony's head inside of the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas


Entrance to the bowling area of Red Rock

VIP bowling area "closed for a private function".
Heh heh private.... function.

We be VIP!

Brandon bowls, I hold a heavy ball awaiting my turn.

If I was on a bowling poster, it would look something like this.

I knocked down six pins.
Bad ass, I know.

Aqua's "Barbie Girl" plays on the video screen.
I like that song, they say "Ken" in it.

Entrance to our VIP bowling suite at Red Rock

Bowling suite as seen from the back of the room

Brandon launches his Barbie ball down the lane.
Sounds like a date he's had.

Anthony bowls, I take a photo.
The end.

Brandon's Barbie bowling ball.
It brings out the shape of his head.

It's easier to bowl with the bumpers up.
Just ask Anthony.

I kissed a ball and I liked it.

I should have stuck my butt out farther when I bowled.
Not because it would make me a better bowler
but because any excuse to stick out my butt
is a good excuse to stick out my butt.

Assuming the frog position.
It tells the pins "I should fall down now"

Damn Anthony....
back at it again with the fancy bowling shoes.

Brandon put our names into the computer... can you tell?
The gay was the better bowler today.
So put that in your pipe and smoke it.