Sunday, June 26, 2016

An erect fry and forks on the floor

Another weekend has come to an end. I got a little bit of stuff accomplished around the house that needed to be including much needed yard work.

If there's any doubt that I'm getting older, a few hours sweating my ass off in the heat was a reminder. Holy crap, that's getting more difficult to do.

I was saddened by the news that iconic street fashion photographer Bill Cunningham died at the age of 87 from the effects of a stroke. I ran across Bill's work by accident on the internet and became quite fascinated by him. He is a good example of what I've learned about the most successful people (in their careers or work): Having a clear singular unwavering focus on what you do, and sacrificing nearly everything else in the process, ends up creating the most extreme and wildly successful results. Most people are not capable or willing to take it to that level and that's why they don't have the biggest successes that they can. I'm not suggesting that it's the right thing for most people but it is a fascinating look at what happens when someone takes it to that level.

You can see a fascinating documentary about Bill's life and his work that is available for Amazon Prime members called "Bill Cunningham New York". It used to be on Netflix as well but that title is not available as of this writing. But it is on Amazon (I watched it again last night).

We wrapped up the weekend with dinner at Culver's (a storm broke out while we ate and while it just rained hard for about five minutes in the area where the restaurant is, it did a lot of damage to the central part of Tucson) and then grocery shopping afterward.

Anthony got two Concrete Mixers at Culver's
because he had a coupon.
Six was our order number as well as the
number of hours two Concrete Mixers gave
him a stomach ache.

I made our order number a 9 instead of a 6.
The consequence I suffered from messing
around with our order number:
I ended up with a photo
that appears to look
like I have the world's fattest hand.

That fry was really happy to see me

A cool picture of the rain storm
moving across Tucson as seen
from the Walmart Neighborhood Market
parking lot at Broadway and Camino Seco
looking west

When you're too lazy to spend five minutes boiling eggs
someone came up with a solution for that.

48 ounces of Califia Farms latte and espresso.
Drink one of these bad boys and you'll
be able to clean a house in less than
sixty seconds and still have jitters left over.

Limited Edition Triscuit Sriracha.
They're extra wonderful when you
put a leaf on top as shown in the
serving suggestion on the box.

Mop handle on the floor.

A box of forks has fallen and they can't get up.

Yeah, I'm almost this old.
The only thing that makes that slightly less depressing
is the candles are covered in glitter.

I don't need one of these...
just in case you wondered.