Thursday, June 16, 2016

Eyes Wide Shut

A video shoot for the TV show this week at an eye care center was successful as far as the shoot itself, but I took some crappy photos when I was there.

I was also timing the segment and field producing, and shooting a few photos when I had a free few seconds. Not one of my better moments as a photographer though because some of the photos I shot had the subjects with their eyes closed.

It was definitely an eye closing experience. (as opposed to eye opening... ahem)

Behind Paul who was running the camera while the eye doctor
explains the anatomy of the eye to host Tina

"If you put your finger in an eye here,
the person who owns the eye will say "ow!"

The other eye doctor and Tina as seen
from behind Paul the photograper

"Close your eyes and repeat after me:
Ken Carr is awesome. Ken Carr is awesome."