Saturday, June 11, 2016

Vegas Vacation: Vegas Experience Part 2

While in Las Vegas, we did experience a little bit of what the strip has to offer outside of the Flamingo.

We took a walk over to Caesar's Palace on Sunday, ate dinner on Tuesday night at Tequila Taqueria inside of Bally's, and even rode the Las Vegas Monorail.

Here are some more photos from our Las Vegas vacation:

A statue outside of Caesar's Palace.
His arm must get tired being up like that all of the time.

The heesecake Factory.
You have to C it to believe it.

This random guy was passed out on the floor
of the shops at Caesar's Palace.
Someone had a little too much Vegas that night.

He must have thought if he passed out there
he wouldn't be seen behind that directory sign

Anthony, Lily, and Brandon riding the escalator at Caesar's

Reminded me of the movie "Big"

Reminded me of what I what I see when I look into a mirror

Anthony and Brandon know how to get into a guy's head

If I looked like this I'd never wear clothes.
But since I look more like the Yoda photo above,
now you know why I wear clothes.

I couldn't quite get my mouth around the cherry

Anthony tried to buy a Red Bull from this vending machine.
It made all kinds of exciting whirring noises and a little
arm moved up to grab it, and then it didn't dispense anything.
The vending machines are as much of a gamble
on the Vegas strip as the slot machines.

Platform down to the Las Vegas Monorail

Brandon taking off his shades on the monorail

These random people were riding the monorail
and sitting in all of the seats so we had to stand.

Spotted this unique piece of art outside of
one of the restaurants.

They have Red Bull.
Anthony is a happy boy.

Someone in an Olaf costume outside of the doors of the Cromwell.
It's only 105 degrees outside and a million degrees
in the costume.

Brandon and Lily play craps

They don't do million dollar spins early week.
My dream of being a millionaire will have to
be fulfilled another day.

Lily and Brandon look over the menu at Tequila Taqueria

I managed to get one eating photo during this trip.
Thanks Lily!

Anthony's chicken tacos at Tequila Taqueria

Brandon's salad at Tequila Taqueria

I had Carne Asada tacos at Tequila Taqueria.
I have no idea why the rice was green. It tasted like rice.
Unless it was supposed to be the color of money
like everything in Vegas.