Saturday, June 11, 2016

Vegas Vacation: Vegas Experience Part 1

The Ken Carr vacation to Las Vegas included staying at the Flamingo Hotel.

The hotel is in the process of renovating rooms at the facility. We were not in one of the renovated ones but it was just fine except for a few cosmetic issues in the room itself and the section of the hotel we were staying in only had half of the available elevators working.

But, I'm one to always make the best of most situations so I did appreciate the air conditioning functioing well, the shower may have had a continuous drip but there was always hot water, and the wi-fi worked great so I could get some work done for the TV show each day (a vacation doesn't mean no work gets done, it just means I'm somewhere else doing my work).

Here are some photos I shot while staying at the Flamingo:

View at night from the parking garage at the Flamingo
looking toward Flamingo Road and Las Vegas Blvd

View from the parking garage at the Flamingo
looking toward the main entrance outside

Ken Carr and Anthony for three nights only
in fabulous Las Vegas!

View looking the opposite direction of the above photos
from the parking garage at the Flamingo

Someone thought the parking garage elevator
needed some air conditioning

This lampshade in our room at the Flamingo
has seen better days

View looking toward Bally's out of our room window

View looking toward The Cromwell from our room

View looking down from our room at the Flamingo

Someone made the floor wet near the elevators.

"In case of fire use stair" sign.
Don't use more than one.

The first night playing slots was my only winning night.
I sucked the rest of the time.

Flamingo Hotel pool.
It looked wonderful and fun to me.
Brandon and Anthony said they thought it was too crowded.
In my head, I imagined all of those beautiful people
at the pool would lust after my pasty white old fat ass.
A boy can dream.
(I never did get to try my dream out)

This little shop near the elevators had sandwiches and pastries.
I had a delicious turkey wrap from there and a chocolate chip cookie.
We found out those brown pointy things were key lime pie.
Who would have guessed?

Our room number at the Flamingo.
I didn't read the number, I felt the number by using the Braille bumps.

The door of our room.
It uses one of those door cards instead of a key.

The hallway outside of our room.
If I was a better photographer, this wouldn't
be slightly tilted.

I could see where the poomobile was parked on the top floor
of the Flamingo parking garage from our room window.

Where the magic happens.

Some things never change....
there was a Holy Bible placed by The Gideons
in the nightstand drawer.

View looking into the main room of the hotel room
as seen from the room with the bed in it.

Anthony packing up his gear to leave on the last
morning we were there.

View of the "living room" part of the hotel room.
Anthony was happy that the TV got the Bravo network.
A Real Housewives marathon occupied a lot of
the screen time when we were in the room.

The bathroom (shower behind the door)

Down in the Flamingo casino...
this random guy passed out in front of a slot machine.
One advantage to passing out in front of a slot machine
is that you can't lose money if you aren't conscious.

One of the shops at the Flamingo is called "Lick".
It's a candy store with a sweet name.

It's gum.
Possibly the best packaging of gum ever.