Saturday, July 2, 2016

50th birthday cookie

I turned 50 years old today.

It's the kind of milestone that's a little bit depressing and a little bit exciting. It's depressing because there is little celebrated in today's culture about reaching 50 years old. I did have a note on my Facebook timeline that I'm eligible for AARP membership. That is kind of sucky though.

The exciting part is that I have managed to stay alive for 50 years. Not everyone can say that. And, I'm still in decent physical condition. Everything still works (and I mean everything, if you catch my drift) the way it's supposed to except I have a little high blood pressure which requires popping a pill each day to control. Doing yard work takes it out of me a bit but I tend to do it when it's ridiculously hot outside so that's more my own fault than old age.

I haven't started yelling at neighborhood kids to get off my lawn but we don't have a lawn so there may be an explanation for that which is not connected to old age.

Anthony made it a nice occasion by getting me a giant birthday cookie from the Beyond Bread bakery (Back Dough), $50 (one dollar for each year I haven't died), and a nice card made out of wood. I like wood.

Here's hoping I'm still writing this blog and shooting photos in another 50 years. Knowing how technology is, I'll just have to put a hat with wires on my head and it'll type what I'm thinking. That could be kind of dangerous, this blog may turn kind of naughty if what's written comes directly from what I'm thinking.

Ken Carr 50th birthday cookie

Posing next to the Ken Carr 50th birthday cookie
with the candles lit.
We got the 5 and 0 candles instead of 50 individual candles
because burning the house down sounded like
a terrible idea.

Yes, I'd like cash for my birthday (or any other occasion).
My t-shirt kindly points that out.

I'm blowing.
It didn't take much for a bag of hot air like me
to blow out two candles.

I tried eating the cookie whole but it was too big

So, I stuck my finger in the cookie instead.
Sounds like a date I've had.