Sunday, July 10, 2016

Zebra Cake Rolls and boxed wine on the floor

It's the end of another weekend.

I caught up on some much needed sleep on Saturday and stayed home. Today (Sunday) was the busy day for a weekend. I spent five hours outside in the 106 degree heat doing yard work.

I usually do yard work solo because if both Anthony and I did it together and we collapse from heat stroke, Lucky would be without a father. Someone needs to be in their right mind to dial 911 as well as be alive to let him out to pee. So, I endure the work and Anthony checks on me occasionally to make sure I'm not dead. It's a pretty good system.

Five hours of near heat stroke to trim the bushes in the yard, chop the grassweeds (it's not totally grass and it's not totally weeds), pick up the dog poo from the week (that only took about ten minutes, he only poops once a day so there were about half a dozen piles to pick up), and spray the lot for weeds. The property is 9000 square feet, the house is 2000 square feet, and the grassweeds occupy approximately 2000 square feet. So, that leaves 5000 square feet of area that needs to be sprayed where weeds aren't supposed to grow. We're in a lull during monsoon right now so it's a good time to do it and have the weed killer be effective before it rains again later this week.

I gave Lucky a bath, a shower for me and a 30 minute nap, a trip to Target to buy Little Debbie Zebra Cake Rolls (they're like crack they're so addictive, I swear), followed by dinner at Church's Chicken and then a trip to the grocery store. After that, I had to get some work done from home for the TV show on my laptop and now I'm writing this blog entry. A pretty full day for an old guy.

Little Debbie Zebra Nutty Bars, Cake Rolls and Brownies at Target..
The cake rolls are beyond delicious.

Anthony in his Ironwood Ridge High School t-shirt
chowing down on some Church's Chicken

I hope they find a cure for this uncured hard salami
at Walmart Neighborhood Market

A distant cousin of Puff Daddy

I found Dory!

Boxed wine on the floor of Walmart Neighborhood Market.


Emoji pillow on the floor, tongue side up.

Body wash on the floor.

Parsley left with these 30 packs of beer.

An abandoned shopping cart blocking an aisle.