Thursday, February 26, 2015

Video shoot at Chapman Acura

I left the station for a couple of hours today to go manage a video shoot at Chapman Acura today. The shoot was for the TMC Mega Raffle for a future segment on the show, and showcased two of the cars that the Mega Raffle is giving away including a Porsche and an Acura.

I shot a few photos in the dealership's showroom.

(Side note: This is the same dealership that I purchased my Mazda RX-8 at in 2005 -- it was one year used at that time. One of the most exciting days of my life a decade ago. Random memory).

At Chapman Acura, 22nd and Swan Road
for a video shoot.
This white Acura is one of the cars
being given away from the
TMC Mega Raffle.

This Porsche Macan is also being given away.
They carefully maneuvered it into the showroom
for the video shoot.

The Porsche Macan in position for the video shoot

Checking the shot before rolling video

Lee keeps an eye on the monitor
while Tina and Kathy chat about the cars
for an upcoming TV show episode

And, that's a wrap.
Tina closes her eyes and touches her butt
while removing her microphone.
I couldn't have timed this photo any better.

A last look in the showroom at the two cars
I can't afford to buy.
Fortunately, dreaming is free.

I spotted this display of trophies
for Salesperson of the Month.
Teresa Furgason apparently kicks some ass.
You go, girl.