Sunday, February 1, 2015

Noah better start building an ark

The winter of 2014-2015 continues to be unusual in Tucson.

We're in day three of a rain event that seems to on and on and on. I'm pretty tired of it, actually. I was hoping to do a little work in the yard this weekend but that has been pretty much out of the question due to the extremely wet conditions.

Lucky hasn't liked it much, either. It's been a lot of trips and patience outside to get him to poop. He's had one pooping accident in the house since we moved here and I have been very attentive to his digestive system since then so I don't have a repeat. Since the rain has started, I've kept an eye on the clock and take him out every four hours or so except when I'm at work. But, he keeps pooping right around midnight in very random places in the yard. There's nothing more miserable than going out into the yard after he's done with a flashlight in the pouring rain to pick up the doo doo.

Noah will have to start building an ark soon if this rain doesn't end. Or, maybe it'll work like that movie "Evan Almighty" (which was a pretty sucky movie) and some random guy will end up being told by God to build an ark. Either way, something has to be done soon. It's a little too wet for comfort in these parts.

Three day rain event in Tucson
keeps the number of puddles
in my backyard multiplying

Rain pouring off of the roof of the house

Puddles and drops

Rain makes an already ugly yard
even uglier