Sunday, February 1, 2015

Superbowl Sunday 2015

Superbowl Sunday has become almost a national holiday in America.

Anthony isn't into sports, so we end up doing other things besides watching the game when the Superbowl is on. It's become an annual tradition for us to go eat dinner and do grocery shopping when the game is on. It's a weekly tradition we do the same thing on Sundays, but since it's Superbowl Sunday, it falls under the category of annual tradition.

During the Superbowl this year, we ate at Pizza Studio, made a quick visit to Target so I could get a couple of items needed during tomorrow's TV show, and grocery shopping at the Walmart Neighborhood Market at 22nd and Craycroft. The streets were pretty deserted and crowds were light at both Pizza Studio and the grocery store.

We did arrive home in time to catch the last eight minutes of the football game. It was a dramatic finish, New England won. Anthony and I had a discussion about how much football players weigh, and I managed to offend him by guessing his weight incorrectly. He's never said how much he weighs so I have no idea. It's a good reminder that no matter who you're talking to, or how long you've known them, or have no devious intentions, you should lie lie lie and say you have no idea how much someone weighs. It's a trap.

The east end of the building where
Pizza Studio is located (Grant west of Tanque Verde),
there is a new Chipoltle location.

This Chipoltle apparently is "NOT quite open".
They still need practice.
(Sign said they open February 5)

Anthony's pie at Pizza Studio
apparently needs more cheese.

Shake... harder... harder... harder

Anthony's peanut butter cookie
at Pizza Studio

My Superbowl dinner date
at Pizza Studio

A disgustingly close selfie
of me shoving pizza
into a rather large pie hole.

A nearly deserted Walmart Neighborhood Market
at 22nd and Craycroft
while the Superbowl was on.

BelVita breakfast Bites
I'll bet these look the same going in
as they do coming out.

Dirty Job Bathroom Cleaner
I'll bet Mike Rowe is
"cleaning up" thanks to this
product endorsement.

Little Debbie "Be My Valentine" cakes
Nothing says big spender like giving
these to the one you love.

Normally I chase Anthony around with a
stupid women's product to get a photo but
he wasn't cooperating today so I grabbed
a magazine instead.
I should have known I was in trouble
with the weight conversation later
based on the photo I shot at the store.